Photo on Canvas Father’s Day Gifts

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It’s that time of year when you’re thinking ‘”oh no! It’s father’s day soon, and I still have to buy a gift!”.

No need to worry, our cheap photo onto canvas prints are here to help. This is a father’s day gift guide for one of the most original presents of all time.... okay perhaps not... but your dad will love a canvas print and it’s much better than another pair of socks!

Here’s three reasons why photo on canvas prints make the perfect gift:

1. This time it’s personal: photo on canvas is much more meaningful and thoughtful than a standard gift. You can literally put anything on it – a touching photo of a special day he spent with you, an adorable photo of the whole family, perhaps an image of his favourite hobby or passion. Golf anyone?

2. This time it’s painless: Ordering one of our photo on canvas prints is probably one of the easiest father’s day gift ideas around. You can make a high-quality handmade photo onto canvas from the comfort of your own home. Just upload a great photo, add effects or text, and let us handle the rest.

3. This time you have unlimited choice: Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones you always have a camera with you to capture photos anywhere you go. Have a rummage through it, you’re bound to find a photo or two of you and your dad which you can make into a wonderful photo on canvas print! The only choice you’ll have to make is whether to turn that photo of the family holiday or that football match into a canvas print.

Photos onto canvas prints make the best father’s day gifts. Whether you have a sporty dad, a music loving dad, a you-loving dad (of course) or some other special kind, these cool gift ideas will suit them all and look perfect on printed onto canvas.

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