Keeping Your Canvas Print Tight

Canvas News

You may well wonder what those strange little wedges are that come with your canvas prints?

These wedges are to tension the print and we tap them into the stretcher bar frames in order to fully tighten your canvas prints before shipping. The wedges work by pushing apart the unfixed corners of the frame slightly, making the canvas taut.

As with most woven materials, canvas won't stay this tight indefinitely and may relax a little over time. You may find after a year or so that your canvas art needs to be re-tightened slightly. Therefore, when choosing your canvas prints, beware of non-adjustable, DIY frames; you may end up with a relaxed print in the future!

Our frames are easily adjustable with the supplied wedges. For occasional retightening, place your canvas print face down on a soft, flat surface such as a carpet. Then simply tap the ends of each wedge lightly with a small hammer. Be sure not to over-tighten; a few light taps will normally suffice. 

For more information on the high quality materials we use, please see the canvas prints product page. 

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