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Create a 3 Panel Canvas Print Set

We have an every growing range of 3 panel canvas prints that make wonderful wall art sets. The selection can be found in the readymade section of our online shop - Prices start at only £79.99 - start shopping now: Here you will find a varied selection of 3 panel canvas print designs. Triptych canvas art sets provide a great value way of filling a large wall space. 3 panel canvas art sets also have strong visual appeal when mounted on your wall as the following examples illustrate:   Each 3 panel canvas print set is available in a range of sizes starting at £79.99. The sizes refer to each panel, and all units are quoted in both centimetres and inches. Simply choose your...

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A Guide to Hanging Your Canvas Prints

Hanging single panel canvas prints 1. Select an appropriate location for the picture A small picture won't be presented at its best if it is hanging on a large empty wall. A sizeable work or a group of smaller pieces will be more effective, and you should use the furniture closest to that wall to act as a visual marker for positioning. 2. Select the height at which the canvas print will hang and mark the wall with a pencil just above the top of the canvas frame, in the centre.  The usual height used by museums and galleries for hanging pictures is 160cm. This is classed as eye level for the average standing adult. 3. Select a suitable hook for...

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What is a Megapixel?

20 megapixel camera or 8 megapixel camera? Is it even important? If you are on the hunt for the best photography camera, and you don’t know your MP from your mega pixels to your pixels, read on – you’ve finally found an answer. To help illustrate you should know about the Pointillism painting technique. It consists of small and distinct dots of singular colour arranged in patterns to form a picture. The most famous example of this in the art world is Georges Seurat’s painting, “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte”: The technique relies on the brain’s amazing ability to blend the colour spots into a whole image. A photograph is exactly the same – it is...

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Gift Ideas for Creating Memorable Canvas Prints

Collage Canvas prints make ideal presents for friends and family, especially when it is often difficult to come up with a unique gift for someone you care about. They come in all shapes and sizes to cater for all situations, be it a simple "thank you" or "love you" - no one else will be giving them that present! Family Trees Family trees are popular at the minute but has anybody thought to turn their family tree into a canvas print? As canvases are built to last, it makes sense to have your family tree printed on them so that it can be handed down to younger generations later on. It doesn't have to be just a plain old tree...


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A Guide to Ordering Personalised Canvas Prints

Choosing quality canvas art from among the spectrum of print suppliers on the web can often be tricky. The best canvas prints are all made by hand using high resolution digital photos or artworks. Great results require both technical and manual skills to design, print and frame to consistently high standards. Processes and skills we've been honing since 2003. We often find that canvas printing websites provide scarce information about their actual manufacturing processes, ultimately leading to confusion and disappointment when customers receive their orders. In light of this, we feel it's vital to provide you with extremely detailed information about our canvas printing processes and materials in order for you to make an informed decision. Canvas printing process and...

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